Jun 2, 2009

News ^_^

You fight like a cow

Uhh. ohhh.. so.. playing a game with rape scenes is bad, but killing over 9000 people on other games is ok.. lol.. too bad for japan. (do not comment about this news, i'm tired about moralfags.. and people with double morals... the that's why re "rate system" exist.. a game it's just a game and if is adult oriented is becouse adults are more able to differenciate between fiction and real things... )

Why Raiden?.. damm it (and i have also ps3... but still enjoy 360 more.. perhaps becouse it have a lot more playable games.. even wii game catalags is boring and full of shovelware.. only those developed by nintendo itself are great)

Left 4 Dead 2!!!

i'm wondering how this thing gonna work.. what's the trick?.. is there a camera or sensor bar like wii?.. or
is that carpet what is doing the magic?

Mario Galaxy 2 was announced too ..but i'm more interested in this "2d in 3d" version :P

Btw.. this was just a excuse to say my bday is in 2 days (4th june) , i like to receive gift pics and my fav characters are (for anime : Misty (Pokemon) Sonic World (Amy Rose) and Furry ( Babs, Gatomon ) ) >_< >_< i'ts shameless i know :P... can't avoid it ...sorry


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Pascal [P-04referent] said...

A very official and serious study in Japan has correlated the wide availability of Lolicon manga with a dramatic drop of sexual assaults against minors. So, what's happening? Some theoretically very serious and caring people (including UNICEF or WHO, I forget) are currently campaigning to have Lolicon BANNED.
No comment. The ass-tight stupidity comments by itself!