Jun 16, 2009

Conversation between Bbmbbf and another popular friend artist

Forgive my bad english.. heh.. here's a extract of a conversation that i had on MSN with a popular artist friend about a popular latinamerican forum today

Alex - bbmbbf@gmail.com / dice (14:09):
days ago.. i was browing in a latinamerican forum and i discover a group of
people posting my palcomix vip stuff... i notice those people are actually
kids.. saying openly they have 15yo
then ..i reported the kids becouse... we was talking about porn pics

Anon dice (14:10):
thats funny, we that are considered perverts , are always trying to prevent
kids to see our work .

Alex - bbmbbf@gmail.com / dice (14:10):
i'm not conservative.. heh.. i saw lot of porn when i was young,
but... these kids was in a public place saying they was minors, and there
was adult there too.. right?
and its duty of the owners of the sites to keep control of that
situation.. right?

Anon dice (14:11):

Anon dice (14:12):
thats the fear of DA .

Alex - bbmbbf@gmail.com / dice (14:12):
i liked that forum.. and i though .. jezz. these guys didn't
saw the kids on their page?.. each time a guy on my forum post
"hey.. i have 14yo" i always ban him.. not becouse i don't understand
they want to see porn.. i had 14yo too.. it's becouse is ilegal..
and i don't make the rules.. and i only wanted to be sure those guys
didn't miss what was happen on their forum.. and you know what happen?

Alex - bbmbbf@gmail.com / dice (14:13):
the moderator posted at favor of the kids.. suporting them!!!

Anon dice (14:13):
how is that possible ?: is the moerator the same age ?

Alex - bbmbbf@gmail.com / dice (14:14):
the guy said .."it's imposible for us to keep control of the kids
that comes to our comunnity.. they always can push the "click here
if you have over 18 years old" option and access like any adult"
and i was.. like "WTF!!... did he really told me that?.. the kids
was saying openly "hey.. yesteday was my bday.. i have 15yo now!..
so give me Amy porn as a gift!".. and other kids was like "yeaahh..
i have 16yo... btw.. happy bday.. ".. a kids party.. is truth
they can pass the "adult check" thing of the site.. but that's the
reason why a site have moderators on it right?"

Anon dice (14:16):
well , if someone try to sue them , I guess they will pay more
atention to that

Anon dice (14:17):
is like if they dont want to moderate .
and only care about lots of people on the forum

Alex - bbmbbf@gmail.com / dice (14:17):
then.. i checked the profile of the moderator.. big surprise..
the guy had 17yo!!!

Anon dice (14:18):

Alex - bbmbbf@gmail.com / dice (14:18):
then i tough "ohh.. i'm not surprised.. the kid supporting kids..
lol.. it reminds me Sheezyart incident at the beggining of the site..
when all the moderators including the admin was actually minors.."

Anon dice (14:20):
its indeed the same situation
kids really will do anything to see some porn art

Alex - bbmbbf@gmail.com / dice (14:20):
then i wrote to the admin... i checked his profile and he have
like 27.. old enought i tough..i told him the situation, i gave my
advise to keep more control, not becose i don't understand a kid
watching porn for curiosity.. becouse we as adult have to follow
some rules... it's against the law after all...

Anon dice (14:22):
well , I suposed the administrator should be worried about an
ilegal situationj on his forum

Alex - bbmbbf@gmail.com / dice (14:22):
also.. recommended to remove that moderator.. that rank is for
more mature people with capability and common sence.. not for
a kid who only say.. "i can't do nothing"

Alex - bbmbbf@gmail.com / dice (14:23):
and the admin said something like .. "you have your ideas..
i have my own ones, i can't be responsable for kids entering
to see porn on my site... "

Anon dice (14:24):
YES , he cant be responsable .

Alex - bbmbbf@gmail.com / dice (14:24):
at the same time.. in the threaths where i posted i discover lot
of kids insulting me and attacking me for being a nazi..
"return to your forum asshole.."
"we don't need old people like you.."
"who do you think you are.."
"my parents let me see porn"
"you don't have the rights to tell me what to see"

Anon dice (14:25):

Alex - bbmbbf@gmail.com / dice (14:25):
at that moment i said.. "oh hell.. what i'm doing..
this place is a kids kingdom.. i surrender... heh..."
and now i think on this.. i think "how come didn't
knew about a place like that when i was younger?" lolololol

Anon dice (14:26):
if the law found out about that page , it will be the
adiminstrator fault , not your , so , you really must give up .

Alex - bbmbbf@gmail.com / dice (14:28):
i did it .. heh.. it was just amazing.. i understand totally
when kids try to see porn... what i found really strange was a
adult watching the scene.. the guy must be really open mind and
at the same time he must not care the law in anyways.. i wonder
how much people think that about myself....

Anon dice (14:28):
open mind ? or something else ?

Alex - bbmbbf@gmail.com / dice (14:28):
it was.. bizarre

Alex - bbmbbf@gmail.com / dice (14:29):
but hey.. i never let a kid watch my stuff if they tell me
"hey.. i'm a kid".. and god knows how much they still try XD
..anyway.. can i post this part of my story on DA?..